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Purolator Facet, Inc. is a creative engineering and manufacturing organization offering a wide variety of services and products. Purolator Facet manufactures an assortment of standard filter assemblies qualified to many industry and military standards. High, medium and low pressure filter housings approved to the requirements of MS-28720 and AN6234 meet the filtration requirements of MIL-F-5504, also sections of MIL-F-8815. These filters are just some of the industry standard products available. We also specialize in the design and manufacture of exclusive filter designs for the aerospace industry.

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NEW: CoralonTM Filter Elements Upgrade filter elements for Ultipor® filters
Keeping fluids cleaner, longer, for greater value
Coralon filters represent a significant advancement in equipment protection and are a direct replacement (same form, fit, and function including fluid and temperature compatibility) for current Ultipor filter elements.
Direct replacement for Ultipor elements
• Advanced pack design
• Stress-resistant media technology
• Out-to-in flow path*
* except for in-tank filter options
Innovative Media Performance
Pall’s new series of hydraulic & lube filter elements feature SRT (stress-resistant technology) media for unsurpassed performance and value. Coralon elements provide:
• Low element pressure drop for small envelope size and long life
• Optimum performance under system stresses at all
stages of filter life for consistently cleaner fluid In addition to improved performance, what differences will I see?
Coralon filters upgrade Pall Ultipor III, Ultipor III Coreless, Ultipor Dirt Fuse, Ultipor SRT, Ultipor Plus, Ultipor Max, and Red1000 elements in all standard medium grades (Z, P, N, S, T).
• The new elements will have a medium code of “C” in place of existing “U”, “D”, “K” “M” or “X” code in the current filter element part number; see examples in the adjacent table.

Barton DP indicators, DP switches, IT / ITS / IS Series DP indicating transmitters/switches, and explosion-proof electronic transmitters are available in a variety of safe working pressures and DP ranges for measurement of differential pressure, flowrate, and liquid level applications.

HIGH EFFICIENCY SUPER CLEAN OIL FILTRATION SYSTEMS IS CUSTOM BUILT SYSTEM TO SUIT CUSTOMER APPLICATION REQUIREMENT The PALL - High Efficiency Filtration system is a complete system with built-in pump, motor, filter with all other required accessories. It can be connected to any of the hydraulic /lube system reservoir as an offline unit and based on the oil volume it will give NAS Class 3 quality oil (ISO Code 14/11) and better in a short span of time. BENEFITS OF HIGH EFFICIENCY PALLSUPER CLEAN OIL FILTRATION SYSTEM
Effective method of removing particulate contamination and maintaining desired oil cleanliness
level in the hydraulic/lube systems.
Filtration can be carried out when the system is shut-down.
Filter operation is independent of main system.
Filtration system can be positioned for easy servicing access.
Hydraulic/Lube system does not have to be interrupted for filter servicing.
Filtration system can be used for filling with system fluid. To take up the cleaning jobs we need to know about you, Equipment details as given below and OEM Cleanliness Criteria. Equipment Details:
Equipment Capacity
Make :
Oil Type in Systems :
Oil grade :
Total Volume of Oil :
Final oil cleanliness level to be achieved in the oil system reservoir - NAS Class

Water in hydraulic, lubrication, power transmission and insulating fluids adversely affects fluid performance and is a threat to system reliability. Water contamination promotes corrosion and fluid system component wear, resulting in reduced component life and increased maintenance costs. It also degrades fluid properties, leading to reduced lubricity and load carrying ability, oil oxidation and the resultant formation of acids, and additive precipitation. The consequences are reduced fluid service life and increased fluid procurement and disposal costs.The Pall HNP023 Series Oil purifier is designed for use with small to medium oil systems, particularly where high viscosity fluids are employed, and can effectively remove 26 liters of water per day from the oil*. The Pall HNP fluid conditioning purifier uses vacuum dehydration to remove 100 % free water and as much as 90 % of dissolved water. It will also remove 100 % of free and entrained gases and up to 80 % dissolved gases. Vacuum dehydration is the most effective method of water removal at minimum cost and ease of use. Unlike other methods it removes both free and dissolved water and cannot burn or otherwise significantly alter the properties of the oil. Particulate contaminant removal is achieved using high performance rated (ß3(c) >2000) Athalon® filter elements. In addition, a WS12 Series water sensor measures water content and temperature at the purifier inlet, allowing the purifier to operate only when the water content rises above a pre-determined level.

0293 Series Non-Corroding Reservoir Breather Filter
The Pall 0293 disposable air breather is used to prevent damaging airborne contamination from entering fluid system reservoirs.
Notes and Specifications
Filtration Rating:
3 micrometers in air

Materials of Construction: Cap and shroud–polyamide
Filtration medium–oleophobic
resin-bonded filter fibers
Method of Construction: Epoxy resin potted
Vacuum Indicator
Minimum Operating
Pressure Setting: 1.1" Hg differential (37 bar)
Vacuum indicator is not a disposable unit. Remove prior
to breather unit disposal.
Temperature range: -4 to + 160°F, (-20°C to +70°C)
Filtration Medium
Collapse Pressure: 15 psid (1 bar) minimum

The Pall 3050 air breather is used to prevent damaging airborne contamination entering the fluid system reservoir.
Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, the breather is suitable for application in wet and humid environments.
If the reservoir can be damaged by vacuum created by a blocked air breather filter, install a vacuum breaker valve.
To avoid wetting of the filter medium ensure that the clearance between the bottom of the breather is at least 50mm above the surface of the fluid in the reservoir.

The Pall PCM500 On-line Fluid Monitor has been developed to provide accurate and continuous emailrmation on the cleanliness of aqueous solutions, hydraulic fluids and circulatory lubrication system fluids. Fluid contamination levels monitored are then converted to the widely used contamination codes: ISO4406, SAE AS4059 table 1 (NAS 1638) and AS4059 table 2. The result data can be exported to Flash Drive, Printer, PC, PLC or network device..
The self-contained unit provides a portable fluid contamination monitor that can be used with a range of fluids, including mineral oils and aqueous solutions. Fluid change procedures are included in this manual and these help ensure the PCM500 monitor is adequately flushed prior to testing on an alternative fluid application.
The contents of these operating instructions should be read before attempting any aspects of installation, operation or maintenance.
The product has been tested and quality controlled in accordance with Pall standard procedures. The customer should carefully inspect the product and ensure it is not damaged and or unsuitable for use. It is the user’s responsibility to check actual operating conditions to ensure the PCM500 monitor is compatible with the application and is operated within local safety codes.

New: Pall WS19 Series Hand-held Water Sensor:

The Pall WS19 Series portable water sensor is an ideal,
low-cost method for measuring dissolved water content in hydraulic, lubricating and insulating oils.
Specifically designed for use in industrial environments, readings are shown on an LCD display and can be used as a key component in the predictive maintenance of plant and machinery.
• A sensing probe directly immersed in the fluid to monitor dissolved water content and temperature
• Water content output in % saturation or PPM
• Temperature in °C or °F
• ‘Plug and play’ connectivity
• Data logging
• Multiple oil constants for PPM conversion
• Simple to operate and calibrate
• Robust housing and sensing probe designs.